The Nurse Résumé Template Bundle

What if you could hit submit on that job application and not worry if anyone would even call you back?

Many nursing professionals understand that it’s super important to stand out against other applicants, but there’s a huge problem. 

The problem is… they are hitting submit and sending their resume into a black hole.

And that resume and cover letter? 

It’s just something they quickly threw together after googling “nurse cover letter examples.”

What’s even worse, is that they are missing out on their dream jobs. Jobs they would be passionate about. Because they can’t get anyone to call them in for an interview. So they end up trying for ANY job, rather than THE job, because after hitting submit so many times and hearing crickets…

They just start feeling a little bit desperate. 

Nurses (and students!) just don’t have time to focus on becoming great writers when there are exams to be taken, lives to be saved, money to be I right?


The Nurse Résumé Template Bundle!

An easy plug-and-play way to a beautiful résumé

  • 6 template designs to choose from
  • Each includes a new grad layout with a section for clinical rotations
  • Completely customizable to your achievements
  • Prompts for each section
  • Includes a matching cover letter template and reference list template

Plus...three amazing bonuses!

Credential Organization System

-Your answer to keeping all your professional info in one place so that you’re never digging through your papers for a copy of your license again or waking up in a cold sweat wondering if you missed your CPR renewal deadline. Having organized credentials is one of the secrets to writing your résumé quickly.

ATS Crash Course

-This training gives an overview of what the Applicant Tracking System is and how to beat it. Includes two extra-ATS-friendly résumé templates 

Job Application Tracking System

-Get immediate access to two different systems for tracking your job applications and ensuring that nothing gets lost to follow up

6 Modules

ATS (Applicant Tracker System) Training

Click "view module" to access the training.

Credential Organization System

Click "view module" to access the Credential Organization System lessons.

Job Application Tracking System

Click "view module" to access this training.

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